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A wide variety of monsters—one for every weather condition.

You will be able to control and fight with a variety of Weamon, all of which directly relate to one or more weather conditions. When fighting in their own related conditions, Weamon experience a boost to their power.

Monsters are summoned with Crests, which you will need to unlock and get in order to summon the Weamon. Some of which only appear during special weather conditions, such as a blizzard or storm.

Each monster also grows over time as it gains experience—transforming from a cute child stage into a force of nature. Travel the world and collect all the monsters as you expose yourself to the elements.

Check the weather, or take advantage of it to make your monster more powerful!

We’re making the weather fun. The game will show the weather based on your location, and it will directly affect your monster’s stats. Rain or shine, the weather can be your ally as you battle against your friend’s monsters or the Miasma monsters that are polluting the planet!

Discover a new world within the real world.

Weamon is based on location, so you’ll be able to fight monsters from people around you to gain experience. Furthermore, you’ll be able to battle against the Miasma monsters who are slowly taking over the world. Each city with players will be under constant attack, and the Miasma will take over unless they are dealt with. With your help, the world will be rid of the polluting Miasma threat.

Weamon | Weather Monsters Weamon | Weather Monsters

The battle keeps going, even when you are away.

Weamon will feature a casual battle system that will allow your monsters to keep fighting and gain experience even when you are away from the game (whenever another player interacts with them). That way too, you’ll be able to battle against the monsters around you whenever you want.

But don’t worry, your monster will not be negatively affected if they lose a battle you’re not controlling.

A collection of items to help you along the way.

A bunch of in-game items available in the store will help you recover, boost your stats, or even deal different kinds of attacks.

You can also equip certain items—talismans—which have effects on your stats or the rewards of a battle, but don’t rely on them too much, as they only last for a certain amount of fights.

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Take your monsters with you on your iPhone.

Weamon will be a mobile game, so you can take it with you and play it anytime (providing you have internet and GPS access). Travel the real world to either encounter as many weather conditions as you can, allowing you to unlock more monsters, or to help other cities battle against the Miasma.

When it debuts, Weamon will be released as an iPhone app that will run on iOS5+.

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